Hey, I'm Claire

I'm a Sr. Art Director, Designer, Brand Magician,
+ wearer of pretty badass shoes.





You probably want to look at my work.

That's cool, but sit tight; let's break the ice a little.

I’m a seasoned and award-winning agency creative — a passionate leader with a proven track record for translating complex ideas into slick, successful campaigns. I’ve managed and motivated interdisciplinary teams, both as official in-house go-to gal and A-list agency hotshot. I’ve built and managed brands from the ground up, worn every hat on the rack, and leapt tall buildings in a single bound. Don’t let my clean lines and weakness for Swiss type fool you; this is all a plot for world domination, one brand at a time.


I've worked with some pretty cool brands, including Neiman Marcus, TIGI/Toni & Guy, Bergdorf Goodman, jcpenney, Michaels, Nationwide Insurance, D Magazine, GameStop, Dreamworks, Scholastic, Direct Energy, and Dr Pepper.


Key areas of experience include Creative Direction, Art Direction and Senior-Level Design in Print, Digital, User Experience and Usability, Identity, Branding, Brand Management, Photography and Photo Post-Production. I have also been known to write a few lines of killer copy from time to time, and I can rebuild a carburetor.


Yeah, so, I pretty much do everything. Next stop: tackling that whole space-time continuum deal.

  • Art Direction
  • Branding, Identity
  • Interactive/Digital
  • UI/UX/Usability
  • Typography
  • Copywriting, Editing
  • Photography
  • High-Performance Driving

i make brands pretty.


(Pretty Awesome, amirite???)

Ugly branding makes the baby Jesus cry. I craft killer identities that help businesses connect with their audience. I specialize in business and brand consulting for fellow creatives -- artists, writers, and photographers -- because, let's face it, we're pretty cool people.

I'm kinda like a female Don Draper, except with fewer sex scandals and slightly less in-office Scotch drinking.


moving that 2 pixels to the left since 1998.


but for real, though, please don't tell me to do that, thanks.

Digital is my jam. From display ads to responsive, immersive interactive campaigns, I've concepted it, designed it, written for it, art directed it and loved every minute of it since there was no such thing as a digital agency to produce it for. In layman's terms, that means that I just plain "get" digital. I guess it also means that I'm old.


i shot a man in reno.


with a 24mm (lens)

I shoot mostly dogs, but also some other things, like people, places, and cars. I was recently named among the Best Pet Photographers in Dallas by CBS Local, and my work has been featured in a few places, on and offline (like Getty, maybe you've heard of it). If you are a person, place, thing or dog and you want me to take your picture, that can be arranged.

Yes, I can drive
in these shoes.


it's been real.

Want to say hi? Badass. There are a few ways to get in touch with me:


2020 Update: Actually, there aren't currently. I am not accepting new bookings at the moment, and am taking a little break. Thanks for checking out my work, though - I'll let y'all know if and when I am next available.